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A Glycol Chiller is useful for the purpose of preserving milk quality. Besides which it is cost effective too. Glycol is essentially a chemical that can help for the purpose of cooling down the material. It has several important properties like being able to transfer heat; which makes it very efficient. There are other options for the purpose of storage of milk and quick chilling.

How does a Chiller Work?

To figure out the requirement for a Glycol Chiller it is necessary to understand the working of a chiller. The main purpose of a Glycol Chiller is to be able to control the temperature in a reliable manner. This helps one gain control over the fermentation process and regulates temperature of the storage container. It has many applications in several industries, dairy industry being the main application. It is also useful in a winery.

The Glycol chiller is effectively a refrigeration system and is very efficient at regulating temperature. A cooled liquid in the form of propylene glycol is pumped through a looped circuit of tubes that connects both the input and out sections of the glycol chiller. The way this works, it becomes the main cooling line and for every vessel that is required to be cooled, it is necessary to connect the heat exchanger to the main cooling line. It has to be connected to both the inlet and outlet. The heat exchanger can be a jacket on a tank, a stainless steel plate exchanger, etc. The Glycol circulates through the heat exchanger when connected and cools the vessel.

Cooling is very effective since Glycol is chilled to below the freezing point of water. By adjusting the rate of flow of the Glycol through a heat exchanger, it is possible to maintain the desired temperature. This can either be done manually or automatically. It can be done manually by placing a shut-off valve and regulating the valve as desired. The drawback of doing it manually is that it has to be constantly monitored. On the other hand, doing it automatically means making use of a temperature controlled solenoid valve. This is easier and requires less effort since it can be programmed to maintain the temperature set by you. It includes the use of a sensor that makes use of the set temperature to control the solenoid valve.

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