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Glycol Chiller - The Best "Cooling on Demand" Solution?

A glycol chiller is an industrial refrigerator that makes use of glycol. This type of system implements a mix of water and glycol that is pumped through the pipes of a chilling system and periodically cooled to serve the purpose of keeping the chiller cold.

Since glycol has several properties that are beneficial to the working of a chiller it is beneficial to make use of it. Some of the properties include antifreeze which means it has the ability to lower the freezing point. It is also odourless, colourless, anti-corrosive and highly viscous. It is optimal for use in chilling systems and pumped in the pipes to maintain the temperature.

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This is article is a must-read for those searching for chiller manufacturers, it goes on to explain the concept of “Cooling on Demand” and why it is beneficial to use glycol chillers.

Cooling on Demand Solution

"Cooling on Demand" is necessary for many different types of applications and there are many advantages of doing so. It helps reduce the energy cost as well as maintenance cost. It helps preserves the quality of milk and is highly efficient thus a good return on investment too. A glycol chiller system is optimal for this purpose since it serves the purpose of cooling very fast which saves you time and money. It can instantly lower the temperature of products like milk and many other products hence is optimal for dairy use.

Benefits of opting for a Glycol Chiller

There are many advantages of using a glycol chiller:

  • It can lower the freezing point thus allowing more effective cooling.
  • Reduce the cost of your energy bills which may have been high in the past.
  • Helps preserve the quality of the products stored.

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